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— Hello! Welcome to the website of the sale of carrots by the gross for the residents! Carrot fresh the price for 1 kg. Here in the online mode you can easily select and compare the characteristics, profitable to buy carrots at a low price, grade and volume. Root crops from early to late-ripening varieties are different. When buying large wholesale, wholesale and small wholesale, individual bonus offers. For you it will be more convenient to buy together with friends, relatives, colleagues and get a decent discount on the volume of purchases. Also we can read information about the storage of carrots, useful properties and varieties. We invite you to the online store carrots. The Korean carrots to buy. Come, choose, buy profitably! Using the service shopping carrots online, others will be grateful for your feedback on the quality of service online market.

Carrots in bulk

"Queen of autumn" so it is called, wholesale carrots buy at this time of year. Vegetable root crop on the table throughout the year. Due to its nutritional properties necessary for human consumption, and for feeding domestic animals. Prices for carrots 2019. Its roots are dried, processed, preserved, frozen and stored for fresh use in winter. In each case, apply a certain type of carrot. They differ taste, size, shape and weight of the root, color and duration of maturation. In terms of vegetation varieties: early-maturing and middle-maturing, as well as late-maturing. What I wish?

Varieties of carrots

Term of vegetative maturation of early-ripening carrots from 80 to 100 days. These varieties are used for food, it is not suitable for storage. In early varieties usually low yields. But they provide people with early terms of aging. "Amsterdam" - grade early. Cylindrical shape, color orange, length 11-13 cm, medium-sized core, juicy, great taste, variety resistant to cracking. We buy carrots wholesale. With average yields. "Alenka" - early variety. Grown on the beam, clean through the 50 day after planting. Dinna from 8-12 inches. "Belgian white" — a white root vegetable similar to parsnip. When cooking becomes a kind of flavor. "Dragon" -bright purple top, orange core. It has an original smell, when cooking it disappears. "Finkor" — early maturing variety, sweet root vegetables, luscious treat for the kids. "Paris carrots" — the most famous of the early carrots. Short practical round the roots. The yield low, but her love to feast on little kids. Malyshka — color carrots bright orange, the weight of roots up to 100 grams, grows in the shape of a cylinder. And hybrids "Fun", "Color", "Laguna","Mars", "Permax", "Tuscon", "Fairy", "Espirdo".

Medium-long varieties of carrots growing season from 90 to 120 days. These varieties are eaten, as well as used for storage, only its duration depends on the variety of carrots. Middle-ripening varieties grown in the ground with a high yield. Buy Abaco carrot seeds. The best middle-ripening varieties: "Vitamin-6" long up to 20 centimeters, "Samson", "Forte", "Losinoostrovskaya" — krasnooranzhevy core, high content of carotene, "Ranska" — very tasty weighing up to 150 grams, "Incomparable", "leandre", "Moscow winter", "Nectar", "Nelly", "NIYAH", "Olimpiets", "Rex", "Chance", "Flakka", "Typhoon", "Rotarian". Undoubtedly, everyone chooses for himself his variety when planting, when buying carrots in bulk, the reference point — especially on the root, it should be dense, without scratches and chips and fresh.

Term of vegetative maturation of late-ripening varieties from 120 days and more. Onion carrots wholesale. These varieties with a high degree of keeping quality, perfectly preserved until spring, with proper storage until the future harvest. "Vita Longa", "Golden autumn", "Emperor", "Red giant", "Queen of autumn", "Flacoro", "Olympus", "Selecta", "Rock", "totem", "Java" late varieties of carrots.

Storage of carrots

After cleaning and drying of carrots in her carefully plucked, and remove broken, incised and flabby. Keep only whole and hearty root vegetables. It placed in boxes in rows, sprinkling each each sand about 2-3 cm layer. Where to buy carrots. Also, carrots for better storage can be treated with finely crushed chalk. This pollination reduces the likelihood of rotting roots during storage. Microclimate for storage of carrots temperature up to 3 degrees and humidity 97%.

Useful properties

The bright color of carrot orange colors provitamin a — beta-carotene. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, in the body it is converted into retinol, vitamin A. this vitamin is necessary to preserve and improve vision. Some varieties of carrots crimson hue, and they contain anthocyanins, substances, antioxidants, a group of flavonoids. Buy onion carrots. Their main function is to stimulate the immune system. the Carrot tip! Carrot juice mixed with cream, daily on a glass before meal. An excellent remedy for gastric and duodenal ulcers. Add yoga breath and after a month the sores had disappeared. Tested on itself. By the way, buy wholesale carrots convenient, profitable, and most importantly available.

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How to order carrots in bulk?

In order to buy carrots by the gross, you must apply online. Be sure to select a variety, specify the number. Next, leave your contact details, carefully fill in all the fields of the feedback form. Carrot fresh the price for 1 kg. In automatic mode, according to the specified algorithm, the site will calculate the size of your discount and show the final price. Polite seller will call you on the phone to confirm the order. Quick courier will deliver the carrot to the specified address, in the time convenient for you. With the purchase of a carrot!

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